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Do you want your Carpet & Tile really, REALLY clean?
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All major textile manufacturers are in agreement that “hot water extraction with maximum moisture and residue removal” is the right way to take care of their goods. This is where brute power comes into play. More vacuum means a better carpet cleaning, faster drying, faster cleaning, and much happier clients than our competition has. More vacuum means you can use more hot water in the carpet cleaning process and still beat the competition hands down on carpet cleaning dry times.

There’s no two ways about it. The Vortex machine uses the largest, most powerful blower of any mass produced PTO cleaning machine in the world. From left to right the blower sizes are #3, #4, #5, and #6. The industry standard is a #4 size blower. The Vortex model 6008 uses a #6 blower, and the new Vortex 7000 HAT uses a much larger, high performance #6 blower.

Vortex owners are able to provide a method of cleaning commonly referred to as an "On Location Carpet Washing Service" by increasing the amount of water used in the carpet cleaning process to double that of industry standard. The Vortex vacuum pump has more than enough power to recover the additional water and still provide significantly faster carpet cleaning dry times than the competition.  

Carpet Cleaning We use The Vortex, The Worlds Most Powerful Carpet Cleaning Machine for its ability to clean carpets faster,dry them in half the time, use less fuel, clean more thoroughly and require less operator muscle than any other carpet cleaning machine in the world. There is so much vacuum on our Vortex that our clients are reporting carpet cleaning dry times of less than 90 minutes without the use of a carpet fan..
Our multi stage cleaning process will guarantee your complete satisfaction
We begin by inspecting your carpet for its fiber content (Nylon, Olefin, Polyester etc.) so that we can choose the appropriate pretreatment and cleaning solution for your carpet and any spots, spills or damage that may require special attention. We will also inspect traffic paths for fiber wear or abrasion. After inspection we will be able to provide you some cleaning expectations. Now we can begin the cleaning process.
We start the cleaning process by pretreating the carpet fibers with a preconditioning agent which will emulsify soils and general spots. A professional carpet groomer is often used to agitate the preconditioner to further emulsify stubborn soils from traffic paths and is dependent on the type and condition of the carpet. Using the most powerfully truckmounted hot water extraction system in production today, we thoroughly flush the carpet fibers with a neutralizing rinse agent  which is immediately vacuumed out with the powerful suction of our state of the art machinery. We use a neutralizing rinse agent as apposed to a alkaline rinse used by many of our competitors. With this rinse the carpet fibers are PH balanced so there is no sticky residue left behind to cause rapid resoiling and it leaves the fibers softer and more pleasant to the touch.
During the rinsing process if we come across any spots that do not respond to the precondition treatment, we will use one of our many specialty spot removal products to attempt removal. If a spot is removable we have the product to remove it. This includes in most instances urine, feces, blood, filtration soiling under doors, rust, yellowing etc. (red dye stains, furniture stains and stains caused by medicines are usually permanent).
After the rinse is complete we will use high velocity air movers to assist in drying and we will use a professional carpet groomer so that the pile of the carpet is standing tall when we leave. Grooming also aids in distributing pockets of moisture and assists in the fast drying process as well.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing  
We provide a 4 stage cleaning process. We begin by treating the grout lines with a acidic grout cleaner designed specifically for grout cleaning in the indoor environments. WARNING! (Some Uninformed, Uneducated, and sometimes downright Unscrupulous cleaners have been known to use muriatic acid and other very harsh acids which give off very strong fumes and often cause etching, burns, staining, dye migration etc. on surrounding metal, glass, stone, carpeting and any other adjoining surfaces.) With all tile and grout cleaning stainless steal appliances must be protected. After applying solution to grout line it is rinsed with our high pressure hard surface wand with 200+ degree 900-1000 psi water leaving your grout looking like new again.
Then we clean the entire floor a second time with a alkaline tile and stone cleaning product.This cleaning will do two things. First it will neutralize the acidic PH left behind by the first cleaning, if this step is skipped you run the risk of having your grout lines degrade over time becoming very soft and easily damaged. The alkaline cleaning will also break down greasy oily soils built up within the tiny pores in the tiles surface.
Once the cleaning process is done we will fill in any grout cracks or missing grout with matching grout and recaulk any separation between walls and tile with a color and texture matched caulking which will allow some give along the walls preventing future separation.
With all repairs completed and adequate drying time allowed (often time overnight) we will generously apply a high quality impregnating sealer to the grout lines only (ceramic and porcelain tile are not porous so sealing is not effective) unless you have a natural stone tile floor in which case the entire floor would be sealed.

Other Services Offered:

New Grout Sealing

Upholstery And Fine Fabric Cleaning

Stone Floors Cleaning, Sealing and Polishing
we also clean and polish stone showers, tubs, counters and tables

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Specialty Handwashing of Wool Rugs

Specialty Wool Rug Stain Protection

Leather Furniture Cleaning, Conditioning and Protection

Urine Stain Removal


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